Dear San Diego County Residents and Live Well San Diego Partners:

For 11 years, the Live Well San Diego vision has aligned the efforts of individuals, organizations, and government to address community concerns and make impactful changes to improve the health and well-being for the 3.3 million residents living in San Diego County.

Over 500 Recognized Partners have united under this vision to create a region that is Healthy, Safe, and Thriving…for all.

The stories outlined in this 2021 Live Well San Diego Annual Impact Report, focus on pivotal changes in our society and highlight how partners have stepped-up to each challenge and opportunity to lead and serve in a time of great need. This past year has brought to the forefront issues of health equity and disproportionality, racial disparities and injustice, environmental sustainability, civic engagement, homelessness, and economic recovery. As a region, we responded.

In the face of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, partners and residents banded together to remain resilient, hold steadfast, and prove that in collaboration we can overcome. Thanks to the strong relationships built through the vision’s successful model of community engagement and collective impact, partners were able to pivot, adapt and innovate in pursuit of equity, inclusion, and service across the region.

While the threat of this health crisis continues to ebb and flow, it hasn’t gone away, and we are still very hard at work on the pandemic and recovering from its impacts.

Addressing the COVID-19 pandemic has been a monumental undertaking, so let’s take a moment to process and reflect on the past year through the stories of collaboration and results outlined in this report. We commend the efforts and dedication of our collective partners to help all San Diego County residents live healthy, safe, and thriving lives. The movement this vision has created proves that when we work together, and are more inclusive and supportive of everyone, we can accomplish more than we ever could alone.

Live Well,