2022 Live Well San Diego
Annual Impact Report

DECEMBER 7, 2022

Dear San Diego County Residents and Live Well San Diego Partners:

In its 12th year, the Live Well San Diego vision has continued to grow and flourish with partners working together across public and private sectors to create a region that is Building Better Health, Living Safely, and Thriving. The advancement of the vision’s three common Agendas would not be attainable without the support and contributions of our over 519 Recognized Partners who work tirelessly to address priority issues facing our communities – homelessness, heart disease, and climate change, to name a few.

Our partners are driving change through continuous collaboration, not through a single interaction or meeting, but by building new connections and strengthening relationships over time. Partners have committed to taking a journey together to find new ways of doing business that impact the greater good. In turn, partners have also worked to engage the community, collaborating with stakeholders and residents to create a sense of ownership and involvement in the process to address issues of concern.

Throughout the report we have highlighted some exceptional examples of community leaders that are bringing the public and other organizations together to create change. These are our Live Well Champions - the “boots on the ground” that are making things happen to improve your well-being and the health of your community.

The Live Well San Diego Top 10 Indicators are highlighted in this report and help measure what it means to live well in San Diego County. They provide a snapshot of the cumulative efforts of individuals and organizations and offer insight into the progress we are making toward the vision together.

The stories and accomplishments highlighted in this 2022 Live Well San Diego Annual Impact Report show that when we work together and share innovative ideas and proven best practices, we can make a change for the better.

Live Well!


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