June 18, 2022

San Diego County Credit Union Offers Activities that Don’t Bust the Budget

Jazmin Garcia, Community Relations Officer, San Diego County Credit Union

Summertime fun is a must, but it can get expensive. Luckily, we have some great ideas to help you stay financially fit. Southern California has many free or low-cost activities for families and friends to explore without having to bust the budget. Check out these awesome options below to get the fun started and see what Southern California has to offer while stretching those dollars farther!

Free Events or Services:

There are many places throughout Southern California that offer free services, classes, admissions, and discounts to local attractions.

Visit your local library to check out free books and attend events, classes, and workshops for all ages:

Museums and activity centers also offer days where local residents can visit for free, receive discounted admission, or already offer a low rate for events and activities:

One of the best resources to find what’s going on in your area are your local city and chamber of commerce websites. These offer a calendar of events and provide other resources in your area. They provide great information on local restaurants, news, tourism, events, and attractions.

If your adventure is out of town, check online calendars for the region you’re traveling to or ask representatives at the hotels, restaurants, theme parks or museums you plan to visit for exclusive discounts. Discounts are often available to local residents when you show proof of residency. These can include everything from free meals for kids to discounts on rooms. You may also receive discounts on rooms or other services if you are a student or in the military. Keep in mind that booking during the week when occupancy is lower can also help you secure a lower rate.

Outdoor Adventures:

The Southern California coast has dozens of beaches, so one should be able to drive or take public transportation to a nearby beach if you are near a major city. If the beach is not an option based on your location, most community centers offer free or low cost swim days to help you beat the heat. Some local parks host movie nights, free concerts or street fairs.

Look up volunteer opportunities, such as a park clean up or meal distribution, as a great activity that gives back to the community.

You can also search your area for nearby lakes, rivers, or water parks. Pack some snacks, a backpack, and your friends and enjoy what your area has to offer. National and local parks and nature centers are either free, low-cost or have select days where a discount can be used for admission as well. Check the park’s webpage for a calendar of events or any discounts offered.

Having fun with outdoor activities while saving money is a great way to make the most of summer! Share these great tips with family and friends and get out and explore!

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