Aging Summit Flyer with Dick Van Dyke

NEWS // June 9, 2016

Retired Employees of San Diego County, Inc. Joins Live Well San Diego

The Retired Employees of San Diego County (RESDC) joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on June 9, 2015.  RESDC became a Live Well San Diego partner by supporting the health and wellness of its members.  They are committed to promoting positive choices through RESDC’s annual health fair picnic, access to benefits such as competitive dental and vision programs, and through general meetings highlighting relevant retiree issues with professional speakers.  RESDC has supported Live Well San Diego programs through the promotion and participation of events and dissemination of information to its members.

 Moving forward, RESDC will continue to support positive choices through the offering of an annual health fair picnic, providing pertinent information that follows the values of the Live Well San Diego Initiative to its members, and promoting the Love Your Heart event, Live Well San Diego 5K, Intergenerational Games, and Vital Aging summits.

Founded in 1961, RESDC is a non-profit organization with over 6,500 members.  They represent all San Diego County retirees, ensuring their current benefits are protected and obtaining new benefits when justified.  The RESDC Board of Directors works closely with the San Diego County Employees Retirement Association Board of Retirement, San Diego County Board of Supervisors, and the California Retired County Employees Association (an organization representing over 150,000 state-wide county retirees) on behalf of San Diego County retirees.