Wellness Warrior Challenge Embraces Employee Wellness

NEWS // June 4, 2018

Wellness Warrior Challenge Embraces Employee Wellness

The San Diego Public Authority In-Home Supportive Services Wellness Committee created and organized an in-house Live Well event for staff called the “Wellness Warrior Challenge”. Staff formed teams of four to participate in the competitive event that included a variety of physical and mental challenges. It took place in the afternoon, with other staff participating as Station Monitors to guide the teams through the events. The various challenges were located throughout the building and the adjacent parking lot.

The goal of this event was to increase team building and prioritize wellness among staff. Staff began training weeks in advance and formed teams with unique names and costumes. They realized that some members were in better condition than others, but that it was important to work as a team to succeed.

Staff who participated in this year’s challenge positively reported back that they enjoyed the event and appreciated the opportunity to use work time to participate in team building activities. 

This event supports our agency's commitment to wellness and healthy living, which is an on-going part of our culture. The staff is looking forward to next year's challenge. Living well is a team effort!