Catholic Charities Encourages Staff to ‘Know Their Numbers’

NEWS // October 14, 2015

Catholic Charities Encourages Staff to ‘Know Their Numbers’

As an employer, Catholic Charities takes its commitment to advancing the health, safety and wellbeing of its more than 200 employees seriously. Through various activities of their Health & Wellness Committee, Catholic Charities has encouraged exercise and weight loss as a means of enhancing one’s health status.

In January and February of 2015, Catholic Charities participated in a new initiative sponsored by Reta Trust, their health insurance carrier, and WebMD. Entitled “Know Your Numbers”, this effort encouraged staff to participate in a biometric screening that focused on obtaining objective measures of blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol, glucose and tobacco use. In so doing, staff would become aware of their risk for heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Staff who participated in the agency’s health insurance plans were eligible to earn seven financial incentives equal to $50 each for completing a Health Quotient survey, registering for the biometric screening and passing each of five health tests. Introduced at the agency’s annual staff meeting in December 2014, eligible staff were encouraged to participate in this initiative via posters placed at the work site, weekly e-mails from the Executive Director and three screening sessions scheduled during work hours at their workplace. The threshold of staff participation required by RETA was 67% and Catholic Charities achieved 71% participation.

More importantly, many staff were very appreciative of being able to learn their numbers, what the numbers meant and what they could do to address any elevated levels. The opportunity to receive up to $350 was also very welcomed.

Catholic Charities believes its greatest assets are its employees, who work hard to advance the agency’s Mission and enhance the quality of life of those who come to them for assistance. Initiatives such as “Know Your Numbers” enable employees to do something that benefits them in a meaningful and measurable way.