SunCoast Market Co-op

SunCoast Market Co-op joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on October 26, 2020. They envision a healthy community with access to food in a vibrant and welcoming market, where anyone can be an owner, and everyone can shop. Their mission is to provide a customer-owned food cooperative offering natural, local, and organic products at reasonable prices while supporting the local economy and advocating for environmentally friendly sustainable practices.

SunCoast Market Co-op is owned and controlled by community members rather than outside investors. They are part of a resurgence in consumer food cooperatives across America that are strengthening local food systems, increasing access to healthy food for all residents, and providing needed retail outlets for small local farms and producers.

SunCoast Market Co-op is committed to advancing the Live Well San Diego vision by empowering and improving the lives of San Diego residents so they can live a happy, healthy, and meaningful life.

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