Dear San Diego County Residents and Live Well San Diego Partners:

The Live Well San Diego vision began nine years ago with the goal of improving wellness for all 3.3 million residents living in San Diego County. An audacious goal, but one that eagerly brought, and continues to bring, organizational partners from every sector together to share knowledge, resources and ideas that address a broad spectrum of community concerns, from access to health care to crime prevention to improving the natural environment.

Since 2010, over 451 Recognized Partners have united together under this vision to create a region that is Building Better Health, Living Safely and Thriving.

Over the past year, we focused our efforts on increasing community ownership and involvement in the vision with the goals of facilitating stronger, more meaningful relationships between partners and increasing the opportunity for cross-sector collaboration. When a variety of organizations, who may not have previously worked together, look for improvements through the same lens, it creates an opportunity for innovative solutions to emerge. From employee wellness initiatives to county-wide health screenings, from life-skills mentoring to career development, and from placemaking projects to food waste diversion, local organizations are adapting their programs and services to help create positive changes across the region.

Individuals and families are also doing their part by taking charge of their own health, leading efforts to create thriving neighborhoods, participating in partner programs and working groups, and engaging in community projects.

The Live Well San Diego Top 10 Indicators, which measure what it means to live well in San Diego County, show that the cumulative efforts of organizations and individuals are making progress toward the vision.

The success stories outlined in this 2019 Live Well San Diego Annual Impact Report demonstrate that when we are united, we can accomplish more to support healthy, safe and thriving neighborhoods in San Diego County!








This section of the report highlights some of the many events, programs and services that made an impact in the lives of San Diegans between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. Success stories are organized under the Live Well San Diego 5 Areas of Influence below.


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Health - Enjoying good health and expecting to live a full life


Knowledge - Learning throughout the lifespan


Standard of Living - Having enough resources for a quality life



Community - Living in a clean and safe neighborhood


Social - Helping each other to live well





The Top 10 Live Well San Diego Indicators define what it means to live well in San Diego. The Indicators are divided under five Areas of Influence that are essential for overall well-being: Health, Knowledge, Standard of Living, Community and Social. Measured across the lifespan among all residents, the Live Well San Diego Indicators capture the collective impact of programs, services and interventions provided by government and community partners striving to improve quality of life so that all San Diego County residents can be healthy, safe and thriving. 




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