Dear San Diego County Residents and Live Well San Diego Community Partners:

Eight years ago, Live Well San Diego began with an innovative, but simple vision to create a region that is Building Better Health, Living Safely and Thriving.

Together, with you, our partners, we have achieved some truly amazing outcomes that we can all take pride in.

Our actions and relationships have the power to transform our communities.  When we focus collectively on the same goals and outcomes, our influence can have profound effects on the quality of life and well-being of those around us: our family, our neighbors, our community, our county.

Over the last eight years of collaboration and partnership, individuals and organizations have made ambitious investments in the well-being of our residents. The accomplishments that we have achieved together have helped drive our economy, improve health outcomes, increase neighborhood safety and engage residents in their communities.

Nearly 400 Recognized Partners have made the commitment to focus their efforts on advancing the vision.  On these pages you will watch personal stories of triumph and read about the successful programs and activities that are making a lasting, positive impact on our 3.3 million residents.





AOI Health

Carlsbad High School students created an award-winning PSA promoting safe driving called “2n2”- two eyes on the road, two hands on the wheel. 

The Clinton Health Matters Initiative, the County of San Diego, and The San Diego Foundation partnered to improve the health and wellness of children and families who interact with San Diego County’s child welfare and juvenile justice agencies. 

Live Well San Diego 5K and Fitness Challenge

The Live Well San Diego 5K and Fitness Challenge increased resident physical activity to help prevent obesity and other chronic disease. 

Kaiser Permanente Reducing Opioid Use

Kaiser Permanentes comprehensive approach is reducing the number of prescriptions of high-dose opioids. 



AOI Knowledge

San Diego Unified School District increased the number of college-ready high school graduates by implementing rigourous, tailored academic programs. 

Barrio Logan College Institute is dedicated to putting disadvantaged students on the college-bound path. In fact, 100 percent of their students graduate high school and enroll in college. 

Words Alive! is increasing literacy rates

Words Alive! is working to increase literacy rates in San Diego County and make reading matter. 

Say San Diego is creating a "Social Benefit Preschool"

SAY San Diego’s Early Learning Team is working with parents to create a “Social Benefit Preschool" that would expose more children from diverse and economically challenged backgrounds to an enriching and multi-cultural curriculum. 



Standard of Living

Paving Great Futures' entrepreneurial training course, CHAMP, has continued to have amazing results in many individuals’ lives.

The National Veterans Transition Services REBOOT program provides training and skills to help Veterans transition to jobs

National Veterans Transition Services' REBOOT program provides training and skills to help Veterans transition to a workplace environment including job coaching, placement assistance, and follow-up mentoring and coaching. 

Kitchens for Good partnered with the  City of San Diego to expand food rescue program and prepare more meals for the hungry.

San Diego County Credit Union partnered with the San Diego County Office of Education to foster financial wellness for youth through their BizKids educational program.



AOI Community

North County Lifeline’s Club Crown Heights is diverting North County youth from crime, gangs and drugs, and providing a safe haven in the Crown Heights neighborhood. 

National Conflict Resolution Center’s Avoiding the Pipeline to Prison program is a restorative justice program that is creating change in local youth to keep them on a better path with support from the community.

City of Chula Vista and SDG&E partner for Energy Efficiency

City of Chula Vista and San Diego Gas & Electric offer opportunities for children to engage in arts and crafts, games and sports, coupled with lessons about how they can be energy efficient. 

Casa Familiar will turn an abandoned church in San Ysidro into a cultural center with 10 affordable housing units. 



AOI Social

HandsOn San Diego invites San Diegans to make a difference in the world by sharing your talent, resources and time. 

Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank’s shares Sean’s story and how their Food 4 Kids Backpack Program has supported his family.

Austins Story

North County LGTBQ Resource Center shares Austin’s story and how the center offered support to help him graduate from school and get a job, all the while helping him feel a part of a bigger family.

Caleb with Curls meets Volunteers of America, TERI Inc., The Arc of San Diego, and the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services, as they share all of the wonderful work that they do to support different types of people throughout San Diego County. 




Average life expectancy for a baby born today is 82.1 years


19 in 20 people are healthy enough to live independently


nearly 6 in 7 students gradate from high school


3.6 percent of people in eligible labor force were unemployed



Just over 1 in 2 households spends less than one third income on housing


2180.4 total crimes reported per 100,000 residents


Just over 5 out of 31 days in the month air quality is rated poorly


Just over 3 in 5 people live within one fourth mile of a park or community space



Nearly 3 in 8 people with low income experience food insecurity
Nearly 1 in 3 people volunteers an average of 143 hours per year



2017 Live Well Advance

The second annual Live Well Advance: Living Well Across the Ages saw nearly 1,000 partners and stakeholders come together to advance a shared vision of healthy, safe and thriving communities for people of all ages. Leaders from every sector came to network, learn about new tools and best practices, and participate in breakout sessions. Program topics included Strong Families, Thriving Communities; Developing a Dynamic Community for the 21st Century; Engaging Volunteers; Food Systems; “Flipping the Script” for Opportunity Youth (16-24 yr. old youth who are out of school and not working) and Resident Leadership Academies.

Live Well San Diego Food System Initiative

The Live Well San Diego Food System Initiative addresses inequities, barriers and waste in the food system while working to increase agricultural sustainability and access to healthy foods. Food insecurity exists when people lack secure access to sufficient amounts of safe and nutritious food for normal growth and development and an active and healthy life. The food system plays a critical role in creating healthy, accessible and affordable choices. Recently, a Food Donation Action Plan was produced in collaboration with food system and food donation organizations and stakeholders from across the San Diego region to encourage residents to take steps to reduce food waste.

Whole Person Wellness

Meeting the needs of people who are homeless requires extensive community partnerships to address both housing and service needs. In partnership with the community and stakeholders, Whole Person Wellness was launched in January 2018.  The initiative works with people who are homeless and frequent users of public resources, such as hospitals.  Since its inception, there have been nearly 450 people who have received help in accessing resources.  For people who have a serious mental illness and are experiencing homelessness, the County continues to work closely with behavioral health providers and housing providers and has housed 761 people since inception. To make housing in the region more affordable, the County created a $25 million Innovative Housing Trust Fund and is repurposing excess property for conversion to housing. 

Age Well San Diego

Age Well San Diego was developed from the need to plan for the rapidly growing older adult population in the San Diego region. As directed by the Board of Supervisors, Age Well San Diego combines the global initiative of Age-Friendly Communities with the Dementia Friendly America initiative here in San Diego County. Over the next three years, Age Well partners and community members will work collaboratively to implement an action plan that addresses the key areas of health and community support, housing, social participation, transportation, and dementia-friendly environments. The Aging Summit conference held in June 2018 brought nearly 2,500 older adults and professionals in the field of aging together in support of these efforts. 



2017 Live Well San Diego 5K and Fitness Challenge

The 2017 Live Well San Diego 5K brought together more than 2,500 San Diegans in support of a healthy, safe and thriving San Diego County and benefited the life-saving work of the San Diego Blood Bank. In the month leading up to the race, the 5K Fitness Challenge helped nearly 1,400 people get prepared to run or walk in the race with close to 100 Recognized Partners contributing resources to the daily challenges. A follow-up survey showed 94% of respondents who participated in the 5K Fitness Challenge continued to stay physically active.

Getting to Zero Initiative

Getting to Zero is a comprehensive initiative that seeks to eliminate all new HIV infections in San Diego County within 10 years. The initiative aims to increase public awareness of HIV and embolden countywide prevention efforts by setting clear goals, encouraging collaboration between local organizations and health care providers and pursuing policy changes that support HIV eradication efforts. In 2017, the number of individuals newly diagnosed with HIV decreased by over 21% compared to 2016.



Next Steps
Creating new opportunities for partners to engage and connect
Heading into its eight year the live well san diego vision is becoming a reality for more individuals, communities, and organizations throughout the region.